Meet Our Pastor--Larry Hubartt



























Our pastor-teacher, Larry Hubartt, first came to us back in 1991 as an assistant to our former pastor, Ken Jones, before our reorganization as a house church.

Then, in 1993 Larry became our permanent, part-time, unpaid pastor. Our congregation in those days was down to a handful of older folks and the denomination we were connected with then was recommending that we close our doors. But several of the ladies had begun a prayer effort asking God to save their church and somehow bring them a leader.

Larry seems to have been God's answer. Ken Jones had asked him to come assist, first once a month, then every third week, eventually every other week, and finally every week. Larry got to know everyone and everybody got to know him.

At first he and Ken attempted to find a new pastor, perhaps someone with experience in rebuilding failing churches. In the process, Larry gradually started to realize that no one else was interested and that God seemed to be "tapping him on the shoulder" to accept the task.

He was employed (and still is) with Grace Brethren International Missions (the Foreign Missions Society of the Grace Brethren Church). Larry isn't affiliated with the Grace Brethren but fit in easily with them because of his background as former Missionary to Iceland in the 1970s.

Pastor Larry is a native Hoosier, born in Ligonier Indiana. His parents moved to Kansas City, Missouri when he was still quite young. He graduated from High School there in 1959 and attended Olivet Nazarene College where he met and married his wife Nicki. In 1962 entered the Armed Forces and served for three years in the U.S.Army Security Agency. After his military tour of duty, he attended Washington Bible College in Washington D.C. graduating with a degree in Biblical Education in 1969.

After graduation Larry served a short internship at Odenton Baptist Church in Odenton Maryland where he was also formally ordained to the ministry of the Gospel. Larry and Nicki then became missionary candidates with a faith mission and departed for Iceland as church-planters in 1972. They returned to the U.S. in 1974 with two young Icelandic men to train at Ekklesia Seminary in Brookings, Oregon. Upon the completion of their training in 1979, Larry and family returned to Indiana where they have lived ever since.

Over the next several years the Hubartt family were employed in local businesses in Northern Indiana. Larry also pastored the Three Rivers Bible Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana for a time. In 1989 Larry returned to college one more time, graduating from Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana. It was during this time that he became invovled with Grace Bible Fellowship.