We are a 60 year old fellowship of believers who started out
"traditonal" but have become a "home based" assembly.















Grace Bible Fellowship, was founded as Grace Bible Church in 1944.

About a year later, its second Pastor led the group into the GARBC (General Assn of Reg Baptist Churches) and changed the name to First Baptist Church.

In the 1980s First Baptist Church fell on hard times and membership dwindled to a handful of older folks who were struggling to keep their church alive and they could no longer afford a full time pastor. Not knowling what to do, they sought the help of the GARBC.

The recommendation they received was to give up and close the doors. Instead of accepting that advice, those folks contiued to meet and to pray and to try to figure out what to do. In the early 1990s the Lord brought them a new pastor and over the next decade a new congregation began to emerge out of the ashes of the old one.

Fifty six years and fourteen Pastors later in 2001, under the leadership of our most recent pastor, our church withdrew from the the GARBC and again became an Independent Bible Chruch--Grace Bible Fellowship







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