I Don't Need Church...Or do I?

Why can't I worship God alone at home, enjoying the preaching and music on TV.? Why can't I just enjoy being alone out in the woods--just God and me and the trees? Why can't I meet God at the water's edge, wiggling my toes in the warm sand surrounded by the beauty of the earth. Do I really need church? How Come? God never intended for his children to be "range sheep" wandering all over the landscape by themselves. On a On a practical basis, here are some of the reasons why it important for believers to gather with the church.

I need church because it's a family reunion. Jesus said, "Who is my family? Those who do my will". (Mark 3:33, 35). we are a family--rejoicing with one another, crying with one another, helping each other. We need each other's support.

I need church because it's a classroom. I'm preparing for a mission; I'm on an extended course of study. For the rest of my life I'm getting trained and equipped for effective living and service.

I need church because it's a staff meeting and Jesus has called us to be a team and to meet with Him. Christ is head of the church, and we won’t feel a part of the staff at all if we aren’t there—we would be of little use to the team. Instead of a staff meeting, you could also consider it like a "huddle" in football with Jesus as the quarterback.

I need church because it’s a look into the mirror. Hearing the Bible taught is like holding up a mirror to ourselves. It will return an accurate portrait of our likeness, and it will help us with things we cannot see with our natural eyes. (Read James 1:21-25.) Faults and needs in one's soul can remain undetected and unanswered when left only to our natural perceptions. The Word of God has a miraculous way of bringing hidden things to light in our hearts.

I need church becasue it's a refuge; a place to get away from the business of the world. It's a mini-retreat. It's a place to focus my thought on things above and to worship with others.

I need church because it's a memorial service. Imagine that I had been in a war and one of my buddies threw himself on an enemy hand grenade to save me--and it killed him. Suppose I learned there was to be a memorial service for him in my hometown. Would I be there. Of course I would! And since Jesus died for me, it's to honor Him that meet with other believers to remember His death and burial.

I need church because it's a victory celebration. Jesus left an empty tomb and everytime we meet we celebrate His triumph over death and Satan and by that victory I am assured that I may be victorious too.

Finally, I need church because Jesus is there. Jesus promised that "where two or three have come together in my name, I am there among them." (Matt 18:20). Jesus is with us all the time, but when believer's meet, Jesus is there too in a way that he is not with us the rest of the time.

Why do we need the church? For all of the above reasons, and many more that others might add. These reasons cannot fully happen if we attempt to be Christians in isolation.

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